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Making the most of your Orangeville home

Many people do not realize how much potential is locked away in their basements. If you have never gotten around to getting your basement finished, or if you are using it for nothing more than storage, you could be missing out on some great opportunities. Dynamic Basements can give you some creative ideas for the use of your basement space.

Here are just a few of the things we can turn your basement into:

  • A basement apartment for paying tenants

  • Bedrooms for older teenagers

  • Home gym facilities for the whole family

  • A family room and/or playroom

  • A home theatre or casual entertainment area

Combining quality, functionality and style

A great basement works well, making use of all the available space, and its design reflects the tastes of the homeowners. Dynamic Basements will provide you with the best quality in Orangeville from start to finish. The design will be well thought-out and thorough, taking into account the needs and tastes of every member of your family. The workmanship will be better than anything you have seen, from the installation of the main fixtures right down to the final finishing touches. Even our professional cleaners will look at everything, making sure the place is spotless when our job there is done.

Saving time and money

At Dynamic Basements, we do not believe in wasting our clients’ time or money. We know that renovations can be disruptive and annoying, and we guarantee that we will be out of your hair in less than three weeks. The only sign that we have ever been there will be your great new basement. All of this will come at a cost that is up to 30% less than what other Orangeville basement finishing companies would charge. We will even price match competing quotes to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

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